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St Charles roof repair

Being a homeowner you know there are many things that happen unexpectedly. Im not talking about the occasional light bulb that goes out or the cable going out at the worst possible time for no reason - which we all hate. One of the most feared things that can be damaged would be your roof. I know you thought it would be your plumbing or electric which are definitely important. St Charles roof repair say Homeowners often overlook their roof because it is not something that you can touch or use like an appliance. Nonetheless, your roof is the thing that keeps your house the safest. Think about it. No one likes camping in bad storms. Why? You are afraid something might fall on you because the tent ceiling is not strong enough. Sure, that might be an oversimplification, but a home with roof damage can and will cause you home to be unsafe and can result in your roof caving in.

Now that I have your attention, lets shed some light of something you can do and watch out for.

First, your roof will not last forever. If your roof is older than 20 years, you need to get a roof inspection asap!! On the other hand, even if your roof is not 20 years old, it can be aging as such. For instance, if you live in an area that is prone to hail storms, high winds and tree damage your roof will be put to the test more throughout the year causing it to endure a lot.

Next, your shingles...Shingles are the first lines of defense from the elements. They are also the indicators of how your roof is or is not performing. Example, if you see 1 of your shingles on your grass or around your house it could be from strong winds or debris that hit your house. A qualified roofer would be able to determine if there is more damage, but in most cases would replace the missing shingles and you will be good.

When it comes to hail damage, this is where it gets tricky. Hail hitting your roof does not sound like it would cause much damage, but just think about what it can do to a car. Seeing a car thats been consumed by hail damage you not only see broken windows but you see the metal being indented as well. Now, back your roof. Pebble sized hail wont do much damage, but when it comes to anything larger than a quarter this is where the damage starts. AND if your house has gone though golf ball or even baseball size hail, you most likely have roof damage. Again, Hail is tricky. It wont leave that big hole in your roof, but it will leave behind indentation that will compromise your roof's integrity and can lead to that big hole if not addressed properly.

Hopefully, I got you thinking about your roof in a different light. There are many other examples of roof damage but, most importantly getting regular maintenance on your roof is the key to a safe home. If you have not had a roofing inspection in a while, contact us today!

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