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About us

STL Restoration Pros was founded on the basis of serving the St. Louis community. With over 30 years of experience on our team we are well equipped to handle all of your exterior contracting needs.

Our specialty is storm restoration. If there is any need to file a claim for hail and wind damage to your home make sure to give us a call first to determine whether this may even be necessary. We look forward to helping you with your next home improvement project!

Our core values are:

1. Be kind- Treat other people with respect and go about your day with an attitude that we are helping the customers we serve.
2. Have integrity- Do the right thing. We believe it is important to have strong morals and be honest with everyone we come into contact with.
3. Have a positive attitude- Have an optimistic outlook on your work goals and go about your day trying to make a positive impact on others.
4. Teamwork- We believe in working together as a team. We help each other become successful which creates the positive environment we know you will thrive in.
5. Be enthusiastic- Show enjoyment and high energy when dealing with others.
6. Be humble- Be a team player, respectful, and be willing to learn from others
7. Be decisive- Make quick and effective decisions that lead to producing results
8. Be confident- Believe in yourself and your abilities
9. Be cool and calm- Go about your day in a calm relaxed manner.
10. Have a sense of urgency- We believe in getting things done quickly but we do not believe in rushing around to accomplish our objectives. Be quick and effective with your actions.
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